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Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos

Captain Carlos, also known as Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos is a mini show on Playhouse Disney that imparts a lesson in no uncertain terms. This mini show makes that lesson impossible to miss, and it is one that is very important for young children to learn in today's society of biggie size and super size. This show has the young Carlos trying to decide what to eat each day before going to school, or camping, or playing a game. While is sister tries to get him to eat junk food because it looks good and has colorful packages, Carlos always chooses the good snack.

Not only does Carlos choose the good snack, after he does, the Narrator then tells the audience what this snack will do for him, and why it is better for you than the junk food. This is one quick way to let children know that eating right and exercise is good for you. It helps to make Carlos a superhero.

In Spring of 2005 Captain Carlos was nominated for an Imagen Award because of its very positive portrayal of Latino Culture. Good luck Captain Carlos!

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Captain Carlos

Average Rating: (3.70) Out of 37 Reviews

A Show About Eating Your Veggies???  (Review 1 of 37)
Reviewed by Chris Wiggle on 3/14/2013 Rating: (11123)

Well I don't really care for shows about nutrition for kids,
except like Sesame Street..because I luv that show. Honestly,
even though Captain Carlos teaches kids about their
nutrition/health, I would give this show a 3.

wOwjSqUqxBv  (Review 2 of 37)
Reviewed by TddSPMWGCiYGkQzXC on 2/22/2012 Rating: (11078)

What fun prieucts! Sounds like a fun experience, and a great memory. Wish I could've seen the look on his face, also! Men are so funny when they are startled out of their wits. ;)

Be healthy  (Review 3 of 37)
Reviewed by MickeyMouseLover on 4/24/2011 Rating: (10944)


The Temptress Female is Tired and Old  (Review 4 of 37)
Reviewed by Charla on 3/3/2011 Rating: (10913)

I am not impressed with portraying the little girl (Maria) as a
consistent temptress. It's tired, old, and does nothing but
undermine our little girls.

Captain Carlos  (Review 5 of 37)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/25/2011 Rating: (10903)

I think it was Captain Carlos that lasted longer than Felix and
the Flying Machine. And then, they took Captain Carlos off.
Well, I'm not that much of a fan of Captain Carlos. I like
Clay, Bear in the Big Blue House, The Wiggles, Out of the Box,
PB & J Otter, etc.

Playhouse Disney's Current Offerings  (Review 6 of 37)
Reviewed by Disney's Fan on 1/1/2010 Rating: (4706)

I'm not that much interested in Captain Carlos or Playhouse
Disney's current offerings. I don't like that one about the
animals on wheels called Jungle Junction. I don't like that
show too much. Mickey's Letter Time, I like. But, I haven't
seen Mickey's Letter Time or any of the former Playhouse Disney
offerings since for a long time. I'm still watching Bear in the
Big Blue House, Out of the Box, Rolie Polie Olie, and Stanley.
Anyways, I'm not interested in Captain Carlos. Thank you.

Nutritious  (Review 7 of 37)
Reviewed by Playhouse Disney on 12/16/2009 Rating: (4682)

Captain Carlos himself and the show just got me into eating
onions and mushrooms.

TV ADVERTISEMENT  (Review 8 of 37)
Reviewed by lady on 6/27/2008 Rating: (4133)

the show it great, it is a great way to help children eat
healthy, but parent are the best educators. So if child is
watching the show and parent continuously give in to buying junk
foods what choice does the child have. We also have to take into
considiration that between the show the child is bombarded with
Advertisments about unhealthy snacks, foods, cereals and junk
foods, that are more enticing then a 20 minute show. But I guess
it is a try, better then not trying at all the change that way
kids eat, becuase you know they will only eat what parents buy.

Talk To an expert   (Review 9 of 37)
Reviewed by Morning Mom on 6/20/2008 Rating: (4113)

Carrots or Candy. Baked Potato or Candy. Its not really helping
children understand whats healthy. I mean they get the point on
the first show. Candy is Evil blah blah blah. Maybe you should
try making the choices a little more diverse. And think about
your viewers. These are preschool children and babies watching
Play house disney. Do you think i want my kid trying to cook a
baked potato when I'm not looking. No. Honestly get some better
material. Get some better writers. And talk to a diet expert

Excited Aunt  (Review 10 of 37)
Reviewed by Nutrition Teacher on 4/11/2008 Rating: (4054)

I recently watched my first Captain Carlos clip, and was
thrilled! I do not have little ones at home, therefore have
been "out of the loop" about Captain Carlos. After visiting my
nephew Dash this week, I was exposed to the nutrition super
hero for the first time!

I am a high school teacher that teaches a Sports Nutrition
course and I would love the chance to show a couple Captain
Carlos episodes in my classroom. Captain Carlos inspired a new
lesson plan...have my students write their own Captain Carlos

Thanks for your efforts, and keep up the good work!

Since when was a Baked Potato healthy?  (Review 11 of 37)
Reviewed by Baked Potato? on 4/5/2008 Rating: (4050)

Since when was a baked potato healthy? I might as well give my
kids potato chips.

I thought they were trying to get kids to eat *healthy* foods.

If this is true, they should not push un-healthy foods.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Captain Carlos  (Review 12 of 37)
Reviewed by Kipply on 1/20/2008 Rating: (3976)

My son is autistic and has had trouble with different foods for
years. He LOVES Captain Carlos and actually asks for whatever
Captain Carlos is eating. Of course after years of expensive
therapist trying to get him to eat different healthy foods,
finally the Captain gets him to try it. Thank you so much for
creating such an AWESOME role model!

Captain Carlos  (Review 13 of 37)
Reviewed by klm on 12/19/2007 Rating: (3937)

My four-year-old son makes wise food choices
now so he can be like Captain Carlos!
Thanks, Disney, for such a wonderful influence
as Captain Carlos! Keep up the great work!

Captain Carlos, Kihap!!  (Review 14 of 37)
Reviewed by mamiof2 on 11/30/2007 Rating: (3914)

My 3 year old daughter was so happy to see that Captain Carlos
also does Taekwondo. She actually will be testing for her
yellow belt soon and that was the color belt Captain Carlos
had. I like it when there are positive influences on TV she
can identify with. Thanks Disney.

Greatest show ever  (Review 15 of 37)
Reviewed by Mom of 1 on 11/18/2007 Rating: (3871)

5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show. My son is a vegetarian.
He won't eat anything but veggies.

Who Knows??  (Review 16 of 37)
Reviewed by Stephen on 11/17/2007 Rating: (3867)

My 2 year old who has seen everything runs around yelling for
Captain Carlos

Good effort but blah  (Review 17 of 37)
Reviewed by Laura on 11/6/2007 Rating: (3853)

I appreciate Disney trying to help kids eat healthy, but I
don't have time to make my kids beans and rice or a baked
potato for a snack. I wish they would have hired a writer who
could have come up with more 'typical' healthy snacks. Again, I
appreciate the thoughts but it could use some work!

CAPTAIN CARLOS  (Review 18 of 37)
Reviewed by TAMIKA on 10/11/2007 Rating: (3816)


My son loves Captain Carlos  (Review 19 of 37)
Reviewed by Cassie on 8/27/2007 Rating: (3773)

One day he was wanting to eat cake for dinner and I told him
Captain Carlos would not be happy. Well, ever since he
lectures us if he sees junk food any where and he really has
cut back on his intake as well as asking for unhealthy foods.

Frightened Baby!  (Review 20 of 37)
Reviewed by Perplexed Mom on 6/29/2007 Rating: (3656)

My 11 month old son screams and cries out in absolute FEAR
within the first few moments of viewing Captain Carlos. He's
done so ever since he was about 6 months old. I must run to
turn the show off before he sees it. It's the strangest thing.
I can't determine what it is that frightens him so much, except
it might be the spinning food. Whatever it is, I hope they
change the format of it soon.

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